Introduced in Season 7, Episode 1, Picking Up the Pieces, Ahmed Al Saeed is also known as Prince Ahmed.

Ahmed admires Amy's talent with horses, and regularly asks for her help. Although, in the period of their relationship, Ahmed falls for her.

In Season 8, when Amy return from Europe, Ahmed starts to send her gifts, presumably to buy her love. Ahmed follows her home and declares his love for her. She tells his that he had misread the sitatuation and she doesn't feel that way about him. Later, Tim Fleming, who is unaware of all the drama, invites Ahmed over for dinner and Georgie reveals to Ty and the rest of the Bartlett-Fleming-Morris Family that Ahmed declared his love for Amy and also kissed her while they were in Europe together. Ty hits Ahmed and Jack asks him to leave. He has not been seen since. He was the reason that Amy and Ty had to put their relationship on hold

Personality Edit

When Ahmed is introduced he seems to act as if he is superior to other as a result of his birth. He is rude and condescending. After Amy Fleming helps his horse, Emir, Ahmed seems to lose some of his attitude.