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"We don’t whisper things to horses - we just let them speak to us."

Amy is the sister of Lou Fleming. She is married to Ty Borden. Amy was devastated by the death of her mother Marion, who was killed in a car accident in the pilot, especially because she couldn't attend her mother's funeral because she was in the hospital after being hurt in the accident. Amy eventually realizes that she has the same gift that her mother had, and can help other horses.

Season 1Edit

Amy decides to heal Spartan, the last horse that her mother saved. It is thanks to him and their work together that Amy will come to mourn her mother. She will do anything to save him because if she couldn't she would feel guilty and her mother would be dead for nothing. This is why, when Pegasus is depressed Amy will make everything she can to save him. It's her only remains of her mother. The death of this horse would upset Amy and the rest of her family. [101]

Little by little, Amy will perfect her gift. Heartland will be able to open back its door and welcome new horses. With that, she proves to everybody that Heartland isn't dead and can stay alive even without Marion, who made such a good reputation for it. This is why, when Lisa Stillman, very wealthy woman and owner of one of the biggest ranch of the region, asks to Amy to take care of a mare who refuses to let herself mount, Amy accept. However, nobody believes she'll be able but she succeed and explain the reasons behind this refusal. Afterward, Val Stanton accuse Amy of drugging the mare she proves herself by taking care of one of hers. Indeed, she heals Apollo, Ashley's horse who refused to jump, in no time. The horse is simply scared of people. That way Amy proves once again that she has a gift, even though she doesn't qualify herself as a whisperer but as a trainer. She doesn't whisper to the horses ears, she listens to them. [102 - 103]

Improving her horse-riding level, Amy will come back to her root and create particular and deeper trust links with the horses. Little by little, she will surpass the initial capabilities of her mother. This better understanding of the horses will lead her to a better understanding of people and open her to new opportunities. Letting go and going forward, she will also learn that the changes isn't always a good thing. [104 to 110]

In the last few episodes of the season, Amy proves to everybody that she is made to make the job of her mother and that she will continue to go forward even with the obstacles in her way. [111 - 112]

In the last episode of the season, Ashley Stanton asks for help to Amy because even though she'll race against her in an upcoming event, she's scared for her horse Apollo that her mother wants to sell. Mr. Mallen, owner of Spartan, which to get his horse back, thinking that he now has a bigger value than before. As Amy is winning the competition, Ty tries to find a way to tell Amy something very important. At the end of the episode, Ty kisses Amy and decides to leave Heartland. Only time will allow Amy to forget him. [113]

Season 2Edit

Four months after the departure of Ty, Amy have succeed to move on before she gets overwhelm when he comes back and she takes some time before deciding to talk to him She tries to use her gift to train a Mustang. Lou plans a sweet sixteen surprise party for her sister Amy. [201]

While trying to train this wild horse, Amy will soon understand that Ty was right: she has to let it go and not transfer her problems with Ty over to the horse. [202]

In the next episode, Amy take part in an obstacle course in Hudson with Storm. She takes the 3rd place. She decides to make the national circuit and she wants to win it although she realizes that she's overwhelm with her school, the ranch and the competitions. It's this last one that she decides to drop for a while even though her father isn't pleased with the idea. Thanks to her good idea that she gave to Lou, the tourist ranch will open with horses that come from a refuge. [203]

Amy will once again take care of multiple horses during this season like Betty, a blind horse, or Ventur, a horse that is scared of water. She succeed to give them confidence and, at the same time, to do some good around her. [204 to 206]

In the episode 207, Amy wants to do rodeo like her father and her grand-father. Therefore, she goes to sign up for the team roping one with Caleb after convincing him and they finish in the top rankings. [207]

As the cattle thieves are about to steal her father's herd, Amy puts herself in danger by trying to inform someone. She almost gets shot by a bullet but it's Tim that takes it for her. Amy thinks it's her fault, she feels guilty and refuses to go see him because of the shame. [209 - 210]

Amy tries to teach a star, Mindy Fanshaw, to mount a horse. The task is harder than she thought since she hadn't done it already like she pretended. She ends up having a quarrel with Soraya Duval because she hided who staying at Heartland. [211]

A lot of stuff happens in the next episodes. Amy take care of a lot of horses to help them get better and she also has to make choices with all the complications. [212 to 215]

A shadow is prowling around Heartland. After a nightmare, Amy wakes up with a bad feeling that Spartan has gone missing. She does everything she can with Ty to find him back and they succeed after putting herself in danger. Spartan is everything for her and she couldn't handle it if she was to loose him. [216]

Spartan is traumatize after being taken and he refuses to jump obstacles. Amy doesn't understand what is going on with him and slowing starts to loose her confidence. She slowly succeed to calm him and make him go back the way he use to be. [217]

In the last episode of the season, Amy goes with Ty in the mountain even if the temperature was against them to try to go feed the wild horses starved by the winter. Ty gets sick and they can't go back because of the storm so they stay the night there and afterwards Amy can drive back down the mountain by following one of Peter snowplow. [218]

Season 3Edit

Helpless with the state of his horse, a wealthy men turns to Amy for help. The horse is in a really bad state and Amy will have to realize a miracle to save him. A video is taken about the care that she gives him. When it's put online, Amy finds herself pretty exposed and her reputation has a sudden grow and hundreds of people need her help. It's from that point that she's called "Miracle Girl". [301]

After the video that made a buzz, an owner comes to Heartland without any warning. Amy helps Taylor, a 10 years old kid, to renew her bounds with her horse after an accident she had while ridding him. Although, the situation takes a surprising turn that lets her think that the problem might not be with the horse. Lou tries to help to understand. [302]

Amy wants to bring Ty to the dance with her, but something seems to be wrong about it and she feels like he's pulling away form her. [303]

Amy accept to help Jake with Kramer, one of his horses that keeps running away from his enclosure, and she also goes to Hanley's barn who claims that his horses are nervous during the night. With the help of Ty, they find that someone is doing it so that Mr Hanley would cell the plot of land to him. [304]

As Ty was going to Kit's place with Scott, they deliver a foal that does not survive. They decide to call Amy so she could try to calm the mare and help an orphan foal, that Scott brang, be accepted by Daisy, Kit's mare. This doesn't go like they hopped so Ty and Amy end up bringing the foal Merlin to Heartland, but the young couple disagree on how they should raise it. A cougar is prowling around, threatning the safety of the family and especially Merlin. [305 - 306]

Amy keeps taking care of the horses who are in needs like the one Tim bought to Lisa. She decides to help her father and look for the origin of trauma and also take care of Cody's horse, who says that he has a weird comportment, but she quickly understand that the horses aren't the really issue. [307 - 308]

As he was about to leave for the university, Ty decided to pass his last day with Scott rather than Amy. The latter one trains Apollo, Ashley's horse, after Val asked her since she wants to see her daughter get back into competition. [309]

Ty and Scott have a plain crash as they were on their way back from a veterinary intervention away from Heartland. Amy does everything she can to help Ty get back on his feet. [310 - 311]

An old friend of Marion, Amy's mother, is back and, seeing this man, Amy feel guilty for missing her funeral. Moreover, Amy will try to help Kit's mare to recover from her foal's death. [312]

Many horses are affected by a very contagious disease. When Pegasus gets it, Amy is overwhelmed, being one of the only thing that she has from her mother. The horse will end up dying from it. During that time, her relationship with Ty is tested as the both fight against this epidemic. Scott takes the decision to put the ranch in quarantine. Victoria and Linda, the owner and the trainer of one of the horses, are really upset about the situation that comes up at the worst time possible. [313]

Amy and Ty take care of Mr Hanley's horses after they found them on the road. In debt, the man seem to have run away from his barn, giving up on his horses, which Amy refuses to believe. [315]

Amy accept to participate in a training competition, a field in which her mother was excelled. The participants have three days to tame a wild foal and make it pass multiple event. Her adversaries are really strong and Amy's capacity are pushed to their limits. Amy will will the competition and get proposed to join "Ring of Fire" for their summer tour. [317 - 318]

Season 4Edit

Amy hasn't seen Ty for three months. When he finally comes back to Heartland, she is pleased, but her happiness quickly fades away. Indeed, the young man doesn't arrive alone. He is accompany by a young girl. Amy will participate in a race and we learn that she has worked with Chase during the "Ring of Fire" tour. [401]

Nick Harwell has some problems with one of his horses and asks her to take care of him. Surgarfoot, Mrs. Bell's pony, gets hit by a truck. He is seriously injured. The pet is brought to the ranch where Ty and Amy try to cure him. Chase Powers is back in town and he wants to team up with Amy like on the "Ring of Fire" tour. [402 - 403]

It's almost the end of the school year and Amy is about to get her diploma. The young girl is surprised to learn that she has been accepted to a University in the United-State. A misfortune happens to Spartan before the ceremony. [404]

The young couple finds a horse in difficulty who needs care. The owner of the horse doesn't have much money to pay for the reeducation so Amy propose a deal. If she helps with her donkey to take care of another horse, she won't charge her. [405]

With a race coming up, Tim wants Amy to mount "Lightning Dexter". After she finishes third in her first race, she wants to keep going. [406]

Amy and Kit sign up to compete together in a rodeo. This happened because Caleb had asked her to in a team, but he decides against it when one of his friends comes back. With Kit, they win the team competition. [407]

Some prisoners that work in another ranch are interested in training classes. It's Amy that will teach them how to train them. Her grand-father tells her how worry he is. [408]

As they were out for a ride, Amy and Ty found the herd that had been stolen from Tim two years ago. The family decides to bring them back themselves. [409]

Between taking care of the horses, helping her sister, working through her problems with Ty and Ashley's wedding, Amy is overwhelmed. [410 to 412]

She accept to take in charge three horses that she needs to re-educate so they could work for the police, but she realize that she can't do it by herself. Therefore, she decide to call Chase so he could help her. Amy gets ask to train Ryana, but she thinks the horse isn't fitted for the confident young girl. Amy hesitate but, following Chase's advice, she decides to help her out. In the end, Amy is sued for having the girl get onto the horse. After tricking her into going out for a movie with him, Chase kisses Amy. [413 - 414]

Amy tries not to think about her legal problems and decides to go for a hike, but fell off her horse and lose consciousness. Her absence worried Ty that goes to find her. Alone in the nature, Amy makes a weird dream in which she sees her mother being only ten years old. [415]

Bryce, a paralyzed veterinarian having served in the army and ex-cow-boy having made some rodeo, hire Amy so she could help his horse that he can't use anymore and wants to sell. Amy sees an opportunity to train both the horse and the man to give him back his confidence. [416]

A mysterious boy comes to Heartland, and shares the same passion as Amy for the horses. [417]

Amy and Ty works together to fix a confidence problem between two horses, but Lou is about to give birth and she doesn't have time to go to the hospital so they have to deliver the baby by themselves. [418]

Saison 5 Edit

Dans le premier épisode, Amy  souhaite que son équitation évolue à un nouveau niveau. Elle travaille donc avec un entraineur professionnel de chevaux en liberté. [Episode 501]

Dans l'épisode 502, Amy reste à Heartland avec Janice pour préparer un jeune cheval de course pour sa toute première course.

Amy est très surprise en apprenant que Shane est son frère, et va l'aider a se faire a cette idée. [Episode 503]

Lorsqu’Amy travaille avec un cheval d'attelage, elle découvre un obstacle qui pourrait mettre toute sa vie en danger. [Episode 504]

Amy va aider Sandra à restaurer la confiance en son cheval, afin qu'elle puisse se remettre en

selle sur son propre cheval et concourir à nouveau. [Episode 505]

Dans l'épisode 506, Amy va organiser avec Lou une petite fêtes pour Jack et le reste de son ancien groupe car un de leurs amis du passé est décédé. Amy va alors chanter une chanson très émouvante.

Dans les prochains épisodes Amy va beaucoup s'occuper de sa famille et de ses amis, comme dans l'épisode 508, Amy et Ty sont surpris d'apprendre que Mme Bell a déménagé de sa maison, loin de Sugarfoot, et ils vont l'aider a revenir.

Lorsque le jeune cheval de course de Tim est volé sur le chemin de la course des jeunes premiers, Amy et Ty obtiennent l'aide d'une source inattendue : le beau-père de Ty, Wade. Amy ainsi que Ty vont se mettrent en danger en voulant reprendre le cheval [Episode 509]

Dans l'épisode 510, Amy  tente courageusement de guérir un cheval de course battu et extrêmement  violent, Ty et Jack pensent qu'elle a finalement eu les yeux plus gros que le ventre en s'attaquant à plus fort qu'elle...

Amy va s'occuper de Lili, la mère de Ty en même temps que les chevaux, Ty qui est partit verser les cendres de son père loin d'ici en moto avec Jack a eu un accident sur le chemin du retour, son seul objectif est de revoir Amy[Episode 511 à 513]

Amy s'est encagée à aider Tim à projeter une image positive de lui-même à la communauté, dans l'espoir qu'il fera avancer son affaire pour la garde de Shane. [Episode 514]

Quand la tragédie frappe, Amy doit trouver un moyen de sauver les chevaux sauvés par M. Hanley d'acheteurs ne souhaitant que les tuer. [Episode 515]

Amy et Ty joignent Scott lors de son retour sur son ancienne réserve afin de sauver un troupeau de chevaux sauvages du dangereux virus EHV-1. [Episode 516]

Le chien d'Amy, Lobo, a été blessé par un éleveur à la gâchette qui l'a prit pour un loup, avec l'aide Ty, ils vont réussir a le guérir [Episode 517]

Dans l'épisode 518 un mystérieux cheval arrive à Heartland, Amy et Ty sont envoyés dans une direction qui va changer leur vie. Amy va donner un spectacle, elle va faire comme sa mère Marion avait fait dans le passé.

Saison 6 Edit

Au début de la saison, Amy  demande des explications à Ty concernant la bague qu'elle a trouvé, un soir, dans son sac, et se demande pourquoi il n'a toujours pas fait sa demande...

Ty va donc lui faire plusieurs demandes, mais Amy refuse car elle trouve qu'il ne le fait pas de façon assez romantique !

Amy et Ty essayent aussi de trouver le ranch de leur rêve, mais cela s'avère compliqué...

Mallory rêve de savoir sauter des obstacles, et Amy va essayer de lui apprendre, mais Georgie est bien meilleure qu'elle pour cette deiscipline.

Amy va aussi devoir oigner Sisco, car Janice se demande pourquoi son cheval ne gagne plus aucune course, mais le problème était en fait Tim !

Chase Powers va revenir, et faire des avances à Amy, alors qu'il était en fait fiancé... Amy va le rejeter, et il ne reviendra plus.

Lors de l'épisode 609, Amy  et Ty partent aider un ami pour la pêche, mais ils vont trouver un poulain blessé et le soigner ensemble. Ensuite, Ty fera sa demande en mariage à Amy, et celle-ci va accepter !

Malheureusement, en rentrant à Heartland, ils vont apprendre que la maison de Lou et Peter a brûlé alors que Georgie et Phoenix étaient à l'intérieur... Mais ils sont tous  les deux sains et saufs !

Ty et Amy vont décider de garder la nouvelle de leur fiançailles pour eux...

Amy va aussi aider Jérémy et son cheval, mais quand celui-ci se blesse et qu'une opération très coûteuse s'impose, Jérémy préfère tuer son cheval lui-même, faisant

croire à une erreur de la part de Ty... Mais celui-ci arrivera à

prouver qu'il est innocent !

Amy et Lou vont organiser un concours à Heartland, et Georgie et Mallory vont y participer. Lors du tour de Mallory, Spartan va sauter un obstacle, et tomber à terre juste après. Scott annonce à Amy qu'il a une patte cassée, et Amy  va devoir prendre une décision difficile : soit Spartan doit être euthanasié, soit il peut avoir une opération coûteuse, et qui n'est pas certaine de marcher...

Amy va choisir de faire l'opération, car elle ne peut se faire à l'idée de perdre son cheval.

L'opération va réussir, et Amy  réussira à redonner confiance à Spartan, qui était marqué par cet accident, mais il ne pourra pas refaire de choses compliqués après cela.

A la fin de la saison, Amy  et sa soeur devront redonner confiance à Georgie et Phoenix, car celle-ci à peur de resauter après l'accident de Spartan... mais elle réussira et deviendra par la suite propriétaire de Phoenix, grâce à son frère Jeff !

Dans cette saison, Amy a donc redonner confiance a beaucoup de personnes, et sauver beaucoup de chevaux...

Et malgré certaines difficultés avec Ty ou sa famille, leur couple résiste, et ils seront toujours très unis et amoureux !

Saison 7 Edit

Au début de la saison, Amy  va travailler avec le prince Ahmed et son cheval, et elle réussira à ce  qu'ils aient confiance l'un dans l'autre. Ahmed offrira une selle à Amy, avec gravé dessus "Fille du miracle", et grâce à cela, la réputation d'Amy va remonter, et de nouveaux chevaux viendront à Heartland.

Ty et Amy vont enfin trouver le ranch de leurs rêves, mais quand ils se décident à l'acheter, celui-ci est déjà vendu... Malgré qu'Amy soit déçue, ils savent tous les deux qu'il finiront par en trouver un.

Amy va aussi travailler

avec un homme qui souhaite participer au Caroussel de la RCMP, mais qui
est atteint de la sclérose en plaques... Elle réussira à trouver un

moyen pour que lui et son cheval arrivent à monter au spectacle, sans que Brian n'est de crise.

Sarah, une voltigeuse arrivée dans la saison 4, revient à Heartland avec Chaplin, et Amy  va essayer de trouver le problème avec son cheval. Georgie va vouloir pratiquer elle aussi de la voltige, mais Lou n'est pas du tout d'accord...

Amy va être furieuse contre Ty, car celui-ci va aider un ancien ami à lui, qu'il croit devenu

meilleur, et va lui donner de l'argent... alors que l'il devait servir

pour leur ranch ! Mais Amy lui pardonnera, car elle comprendra que Ty avait une dette envers cet homme.

Ahmed va demander à Amy de travailler pour lui, dans son écurie, mais un soir d'orage, Amy  va y retourner, car un appel lui dit qu'un cheval est fou à cause de l'orage, et en arrivant tous les chevaux sont dehors, en train de galoper. Elle essaye de séparer deux étalons, mais l'un deux, le cheval d'Ahmed, lui donne un coup de sabot dans la tete en ruant. Amy va tomber à terre, et ensuite, elle sera emmenée à l'hopital.

Amy est d'abord inconsciente, mais elle va se réveiller, sans séquelles, sauf qu'elle ne

voit plus. Elle est effrayée, mais le médecin lui dit que cette

situation peut être seulement temporaire.

Amy va rentrer à Heartland, mais elle sera terrifiée par tout, comme elle ne voit rien. Au bout de quelques jours, elle se réveille avec la vue, ce qui la rend très heureuse. Elle peut enfin revoir Ty, et toute sa famille !

Après cela, Amy n'arrive pas à approcher les chevaux, elle va voir Spartan, mais n'arrive même pas à lui curer un sabot... Mais Ahmed va lui demander de l'aide, car son cheval est devenu fou depuis la nuit de l'accident, et il a besoin d'Amy.

Celle-ci va accepter, contre l'avis de Ty, mais mettra beaucoup de temps avant d'arriver à affronter ses peurs.  Elle réussira néammoins à guérir ce cheval.

Amy va ensuite trouver un cheval blesser à cause d'un homme, pour le donner en spectacle, et va

essayer de le sauver, ainsi que d'autres chevaux, en se faisant passer

pour un acheteur. Elle réussira à rentrer dans l'écurie et sera obligée de monter sur le cheval pour se sauver... Elle vaincra donc cette peur de monter à cheval et pourra à nouveau remonter ! Car elle ne pouvait même plus monter Spartan.

Elle va aussi travailler avec le cheval de Lisa, revenue dans les parages.

Depuis son accident, la liste de ses clients a beaucoup diminué, mais Amy va réussir à retrouver des chevaux à soigner.

Elle se fachera contre Ty quand elle apprendra qu'il a acheté un cheval de "baril-course", mais l'aidera quand même quand celui-ci aura un problème pendant son entraînement...

Amy recommencera aussi à travailler avec le prince Ahmed, car elle veut gagner des sous aussi de son côté pour acheter le ranch.

Dans le dernier épisode, Amy participe à la course de baril avec le cheval, et la remporte, ce qui fait que Ty et Caleb gagne un énorme chèque !

A la fin, Ahmed et Amy partent pour un tournée de concours en Europe, pour plusieurs mois. Ty n'était pas d'accord au dbut, mais il a finit par accepter, car Amy était très heureuse à l'idée de partir là-bas...

Saison 8 Edit

* SPOILERS * As the season 8 begins , Amy returns from Europe with a secret that threatens to change the course of her life forever . While Amy is trying to reintegrate into life in Heartland , she struggles to find his way and is forced to admit that things have changed and people , including herself, have changed. Amy re- entry will prove to be a difficult process for those close to her - especially Ty . When an unexpected journey brings with it a flood of memories she seized the opportunity to return to his roots and claim what she has lost . Then, when Amy finds herself

l'aube d'un nouveau départ, elle s'avance pour soutenir des membres de

sa famille qui sont aux prises avec une fin inattendue.

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