Cassandra is the vet assistant at the Hudson Vet Clinic. She and Caleb O'Dell eventually start dating. Their relationship starts to become more serious. At first, Caleb wants to commit, while she wants to keep things casual, so they fight a lot. Ty then makes her see that she cares about Caleb just as much as he cares about her, and that she wants to be with him, so they reconcile. She and Amy start to become friends when they realize that both of them prioritized work instead of friendships and are lonely sometimes. Cassandra starts to feel nauseous and decides to take a pregnancy test while at Amy's loft. The results are positive. The next day Caleb comes by to fix something in the bathroom and finds Cassandra's test, mistakenly thinking that it's Amy's. A while later she gets worried that Caleb is seeing someone else, which makes them get into a fight. But what she didn't know is that when Caleb invited her to go out for a night, he was going to propose. When Caleb tells Amy what is going on, she tries to help the situation. She ends up telling Cassandra that Caleb is going to propose to her and that is why he has been acting so weird. Caleb proposes and Cassandra says yes.