Crystal Norwood is Jeff and Georgie's biological aunt. She first appeared when Lou emailed her to help Georgie put together her family tree. Although throughout the episode she continued to tell Georgie hurtful things to her that sounded encouraging at first. Crystal departed after she encouraged Georgie to trick ride for her even though Georgie knew she wasn't supposed to do it without Amy there resulting in Georgie breaking her arm. Lou and Peter kicked Crystal out of their house and Crystal left but not before saying that the way they were going about parenting was all wrong and that it was going to blow up in their faces. Not long after that, Crystal makes a complaint to Child Protective Services stating that Lou and Peter were unfit parents to Georgie. This makes Georgie angry with Crystal even ripping her picture from her family tree poster for school. Georgie calls Jeff and it’s revealed that their biological mother, Mary never trusted Crystal and said she was a bad influence on her kids according to Jeff. Crystal later arrives at Heartland for an unwelcomed visit, stating to Lou and Peter that she had just cause to call Child Protective Services because they were trying to keep her away from her niece. Then proceeded to say that she could make it all go away for a price, if they wanted her out of Georgie’s life then she deserved compensation. Crystal leaves a stunned Lou and Peter after telling them to call her when they're ready to discuss. Lou and Peter come up with a plan and decide to call Crystal to Heartland. Crystal comes in triumphant and proud already having a price per month that Lou and Peter can pay her without the government knowing. Georgie walks into the house finding Crystal there and furiously confronts her, tearing up saying that no one who really loved her would ever take her away from her family. Crystal tries to explain to Georgie that she was concerned about her well being. Georgie walks out crying, only to be stopped by the Child Protective Service lady on her family's case. She heard everything Crystal said and proceeds to tell her she may be charged with many felonies including soliticiting a bribe. Crystal smiles and walks stating that Georgie was missing out on her biological family.