Every New Day
Author Lauren Brooke
Publication date September 1, 2002
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 0439317169
Publication Order
Preceded by
Thicker Than Water
Followed by
Tomorrow's Promise

When Amy has no solution for curing Mercury, a dapple-grey jumper, she seeks the aid of a Native American horse healer who had known her mother. Every New Day is a spiritual awakening for Amy.

Amy is only 15, but she inherited countless responsibilities when her mother died. Most of all, she is expected to fill her mother's role as the horse healer at Heartland. Amy is talented, but still a novice. She can't admit she needs time to grow and understand.

When she can't cure Mercury, and she and Ty argue about his treatment, she decides to visit a Native American horseman who knew her mother. Amy takes Mercury to the mountain-top stable searching for answers, but she ultimately learns that she can't always chase down solutions. Sometimes she has to wait for them to find her.

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