The Heartland novel series is a 20-novel (plus 5 special editions books) series written by Lauren Brooke and began in 2001 with the novel Coming Home. The series is about a 15-year-old girl named Amy Fleming, who lives in Virgina on a horse farm called Heartland, where she, friends, and family heal horses. The owners of Heartland attempt to help abused horses by using psychologically-based therapies instead of more traditional training methods. Throughout the series, the main character, Amy, finds healing along with the horses that she treats every day. Eventually, Amy is faced with tough decisions that put Heartland's future and fate in her hands. The target readership is 8 to 12. In 2007, the television series based on the novels debuted in Canada on the CBC network.

List of booksEdit

  1. "Coming Home"
  2. "After the Storm"
  3. "Breaking Free"
  4. "Taking Chances"
  5. "Come What May"
  6. "One Day You'll Know"
  7. "Out of the Darkness"
  8. "Thicker Than Water"
  9. "Every New Day"
  10. "Tomorrow's Promise"
  11. "True Enough"
  12. "Sooner or Later"
  13. "Darkest Hour"
  14. "Everything Changes"
  15. "Love is a Gift"
  16. "Holding Fast"
  17. "A Season Of Hope"
  18. "New Beginnings"
  19. "From This Day On"
  20. "Always There"