Jacob "Jake" Anderson is a young cowboy who is always trying to catch Mallory's eye.

Mallory and Jake liked each other for a while, but then juvenile delinquent, Badger, comes back to Heartland and Mallory falls for him and they kiss. Whilst ‘dating’ Badger, Mallory starts to realise that she also likes Jake and she is stuck in a dilemma between the two boys, even though Jake is dating Jamie. After a few more kisses, Badger leaves, ending his and Mallory’s relationship. Jake eventually marries Mallory in Season 10.

Episodes appeared in Edit

- The Penny Drops 

- Wrecking Ball 

- Waiting for Tomorrow 

- Keeping Up Appearances 

- True Calling 

- Wild Horses 

- The Slippery Slope 

- Finding Freedom 

- One Day 

- Jackpot! 

- Win, Place or Show 

- Where the Truth Lies 

- Graduation 

- In the Cards 

- Ring of Fire 

- The Happy List 

- The Haunting of Hanley Barn 

- Man's Best Friend 

- Step by Step 

- Starstruck! 

- Sweetheart of the Rodeo 

- Holding Fast 

- Dancing in the Dark 

- Ghost Horse 

- Coming Together