Jacob "Jake" Anderson is a young cowboy who is always trying to catch Mallory's eye.

Mallory and Jake liked each other for a while, but then juvenile delinquent, Badger, comes back to Heartland and Mallory starts to like him and they kiss. Mallory misses out on a trail ride "date" with Jake and Jake feels sad and Mallory feels bad....

Episodes appeared in Edit

- The Penny Drops 

- Wrecking Ball 

- Waiting for Tomorrow 

- Keeping Up Appearances 

- True Calling 

- Wild Horses 

- The Slippery Slope 

- Finding Freedom 

- One Day 

- Jackpot! 

- Win, Place or Show 

- Where the Truth Lies 

- Graduation 

- In the Cards 

- Ring of Fire 

- The Happy List 

- The Haunting of Hanley Barn 

- Man's Best Friend 

- Step by Step 

- Starstruck! 

- Sweetheart of the Rodeo 

- Holding Fast 

- Dancing in the Dark 

- Ghost Horse 

- Coming Together 

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