Janice Wayne is an arrogant, competitive, female version of Tim Fleming as said by Lou Fleming. She was introduced in Season Four, Episode 2 "What Dreams May Become". She is from Vancouver but moved to California, where Tim found her and brought her back to be the Jockey for his racehorse Lightning Dexter. She believes females can be great riders and is keen on routine. Tim invited her to family dinners to seek the approval from his daughters and Jack but Janice wanted to keep their relationship a secret to avoid a bad rep about dating her boss. They fought when he admitted to their relationship and then made up. In Episode 6, she jockeyed for a competing team lead by Dan Hartfield, Lisa Stillman's ex-husband and they got into another disagreement on the matter until Tim finally saw she wasn't at fault. She saw it as a business opportunity, to not end her career and Tim initially saw it as her getting close to Dan like how they were in California. They were going to move away together and sell his ranch but eventually split when she decided to go back to California after finding out Tim had a son, Shane Grenier and needed some time to think about what he was going to do. She came back bringing Tim a racehorse, Cisco which she overworked despite the warnings given to her by Scott, Ty and Amy and Tim knowing better chose her side. They got engaged for Tim to make his case for joint custody stronger, Janice found out and was upset and Tim started drinking again. They soon broke up.