Kerry-Anne is Ty's ex-girlfriend from when they were in a group home together. Ty explains to Amy that Kerry-Anne's parents kicked her out and that's how she ended up there. 

During a dinner with the Bartlett/Flemings at Heartland, Kerry-Anne reveals that she used to have a substance abuse problem. 

Kerry-Anne has an abrasive and aggressive personality with a knack for being manipulative and a liar. During her time at Heartland, she manages to steal money from Maggie's diner and an expensive necklace from Ashley, leading Ashley to go off on Ty and blame him.  

Kerry-Anne leaves Briar Ridge shortly after stealing Ashley's necklace, forcing Ty to go after her and get it back. Ty finds Kerry-Anne on the side of the road having car trouble, causing him to help her - in exchange for the necklace - and almost miss his meeting with his probation officer, Clint Riley.

Though, she is only in Hudson for a short period of time, Kerry-Anne seemed to make everyone she met not like her, especially Amy. Ashley called her psychotic and bi-polar and Ty described her as having a sketchy relationship with the truth, and a serious rip-off artist.

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