Leap of Faith
Season 4, Episode 15
Tumblr mngyeyKscJ1rrpmqjo1 500
Written by Andrew Wreggitt
Directed by Eleanore Lindo
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The Road Home
The River
Leap of Faith is the fifteenth episode in season four of Heartland. It aired February 13, 2011.


Amy helps out Stuart Forest, the trainer of the horse that got Amy a ton of hits on Youtube for being a "Miracle Girl". His daughter's horse is too much for her to handle but he just won't accept that. Chase tries to help by giving her a new bit, but she is too eager to make her dad proud and has an accident. Stuart then decides to sue Heartland for negligence, in which Lou will not stand for. Meanwhile, Jack is trying to persuade Mallory to come back to Heartland and care for Copper.


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