Lost Song
Season 4, Episode 13
Written by Heather Conkie
Directed by Francis Damberger
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Family Business
The Road Home
Lost Song is the thirteenth episode in season four of Heartland. It aired January 16, 2011.


While Lou is having the troops clean out the closet in Marion's old room, preparing to transform it into a nursery, some interesting items are found that have a profound effect on the men of Heartland. A guitar which used to belong to Lyndy – Jack's late wife and Marion's mother – is found and Jack finds something interesting in its case. A trophy for "all-round cowboy" won by Tim in Ponoka two decades ago also gets uncovered. Tim's really excited to get it back, but repairs needed to the trophy prompt Caleb to offer to get it fixed. By accepting Caleb's offer, Tim unknowingly sets events in motion that turn very interesting for not only Caleb, but for Ty as well. They go down the road for beer, cards, and gambling. Jack says the most romantic thing he has ever muttered. And Caleb and Ashley get married again, but for real this time.


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