Foothills 7
Maggie's Tack and Feed Store and Diner is a local store in downtown Hudson that is owned by Mrs Maggie Duval, Soraya's mother. This is where Soraya, Ashley Stanton, and Mallory Wells have worked, and for a short time, Lou Fleming

Maggie's is where everyone seem to meet up, whether intentionally or not, and is a big source of the town gossip. 

Maggie's is also where everyone gets their horse feed, horse tack, equestrian clothes, or simply a cup of coffee and some apple pie. 

In episode 3 of season 7, Maggie's was put up for sale and that sparked a competition between Lou and Tim over the sentiments of Maggie's having been in Hudson since 1902 and Tim's insatious need to own a Buff Burgers. Lou had intially wanted to have the building made a historical building but backed out due to the strain it caused on her and Peter's marriage, but Mallory then took Lou's work and spoke to the town mayor. 

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