Mallory Wells, played by Jessica Amlee, is a recurrent character throughout the first seven seasons. Mallory is a 12-year-old girl that's a close family friend. Her love interest through the series was Jake, Badger, and . She has a big heart.

Background Edit

She's a neighbor of the Bartlett's and spends a majority of her time over at Heartland. She's an only child, and her dad's previously lost his job before he picked up singing.

Season 1 Edit

She was very childish and she often butts into everyone's personal lives, which often got her into trouble. Mallory gives Ty riding lessons. In the tenth episode, Lou and Mallory make a deal to be partners in buying Copper, a horse living in Heartland. She meets Jake Anderson in the last chapter of the season, and much to her dismay Jake whisked Mallory off of her feet, and the romance began with her and Jake.

Season 2 Edit

Her father got a job, he was hired for the summer rodeo circuit to sing, so her parents decided to send her to summer camp, so she asks Jack if she can stay at Heartland. At the beginning of the season, during the cattle drive, Mallory has to deal with Jake, she tells him that he is too short. And he answers that he will grow.

When summer ends, his father gets a gold record and has to go on tour, so their parents decide to send her to the blessed Virgin academy. After a while Mallory returns to Heartland with Jake's help, Jack agrees to stay at Heartland until their parents return.

At the middle of the season she meets Badger and another girl that were staying in Heartland, they were working on probation. Badger didn't talk in most of the episode. But he was mainly upset that the girl with him, Tara, didn't really like him and thought he was a freak. Tara and Mallory become good friends. At the end of episode, she converts to a "goth" look.

Season 3 Edit

She develops a crush on Badger, but it didn't end up working out very well.  Jake didn't wait for Mallory to tell him that she liked him, so he started dating her friend Jamie. Mallory was often jealous of Jake and Jamie. She was a bridesmaid in Lou's wedding.  

Once Badger and Jake fought over her. Badger shows a distaste for Jake at first because of Mallory's crush on him, but later likes him more when he was allergic to bees. When Jamie, Mallory, Jake, and he were picking berries for Ms. Bell he got stung by a bee and had a severe reaction to it. Jake grabbed one of his epi pens and saved Badger's life. 

She worked as a babysitter for Lou's little girl. She spent a short time working at Maggie's diner.

Season 5 Edit

She left Heartland to move to Nashville with her parents near the end of the season. 

Season 7 Edit

She leaves for Paris with Jake after a romantic kiss.

Season 10 Edit

In "Written in the stars" Jake and Mallory finally get married!

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