Never Surrender
Season 4, Episode 17
Tumblr mpqna6683y1rrpmqjo1 500
Written by Will Pascoe
Leila Basen
Ken Craw
Mark Haroun
David Preston
Directed by Chris Potter
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The River
Burning Down the House
Never Surrender is the seventeenth episode in season four of Heartland. It aired March 6, 2011.


Caleb's friend Bryce, a paralyzed military vet and ex-rodeo star, hires Amy to help sell his roping horse. However, Amy sees an opportunity to re-train both horse and rider, though she needs help to convince this proud and emotionally damaged cowboy that he can recapture his love for riding despite his injury. Tim shares a misunderstanding with Jack through a lack of communication which contributes to the interesting relationship between the two men. And Scott Cardinal drops by Heartland again, to check in on Ty and to say "hello" to Lou. And even Mallory returns to Heartland, to see Copper again. As for the ever-expanding Lou, she meanwhile agrees to be Marnie's labour coach but being around Marnie's rambunctious toddler makes her wonder if she's really cut out for motherhood.


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