Season 4, Episode 19
Written by Heather Conkie
Directed by Dean Bennett
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Burning Down the House
Finding Freedom (season 5)
Passages is the nineteenth episode in season 4 of Heartland. It aired March 27, 2011.


Amy and Ty work through their trust issues as they train a pair of Clydesdales, but it's an emergency at Heartland that reveals their true strength as a team when it matters most. Tim is still reeling from the knowledge that Shane is in fact his son but he finds himself bonding with the boy despite himself. Bad feelings resurface between Caleb and Val when he accuses her of manipulating Ashley and her decision to go away to the university. Meanwhile, Lou's due date is still three weeks away. She's moody, uncomfortable and sick of being pregnant. She wants the baby now, but as the saying goes: "Be careful of what you wish for."


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