Picking up the Pieces
Season 7, Episode 1
Written by David Frazee
Directed by Heather Conkie
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Under Pressure
Living the Moment
Picking up the Pieces is the first episode in season seven of Heartland.


As the family struggles to cope with recent changes at the ranch, Amy realizes she must reclaim her "Miracle Girl" status and focus on her work with horses.


Jack returns from his month long trip in Arizona to find that Tim has made drastic changes to Heartland. Meanwhile, Amy secretly works with a horse whose owner turns out to be a prince, and Georgie struggles to ask Peter if he will take her to a father-daughter dance at her school.


Main CastEdit

Reccuring CastEdit

  • Jade Hassouné as Prince Ahmed Al Saeed
  • Helen Colliander as Olivia Wheaton

Guest CastEdit


  • Dreamer - Jenn Grant (theme)


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