The Penny Drops
Season 7, Episode 4
Written by Stefan Scaini
Directed by David Preston
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The Penny Drops is the fourth episode in season seven of Heartland.


As Amy and Ty work to help a mare and foal through a difficult weaning process, Mallory’s discovery that Jake is planning to leave Hudson forces her to re-examine the choices she has made.


As Amy and Ty work to help a mare and foal through a difficult weaning process, Jake and Mallory share an emotional goodbye as he leaves for Paris, and she struggles to decide if she will stay working as a manager at Maggie's, or if she will join Jake in Paris. The episode ends with the airport shuttle driver saying "If there is someone named Mallory on the bus, please look out your window." Mallory looks out the window to see Amy, Ty, Lou, and Georgie all lined up by the side of the road on their horses holding up signs that say "Goodbye Mallory".


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Jake Church as Jake Anderson

Guest CastEdit


  • Dreamer - Jenn Grant (theme)
  • Wish You Well - Five2
  • Listen Here Dog - Big Bad Johns
  • How to Believe - David Myles
  • Don't Want to Be Alone - The Genders
  • Sweet End - Five2
  • Shining Son - Olson
  • The Poets of Avarice - Adam Bernstein


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