The River
Season 4, Episode 16
Written by Leila Basen
David Preston
Directed by Chris Potter
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Leap of Faith
Never Surrender
The River is the sixteenth episode in season four of Heartland. It aired February 27, 2011.


There is a bear hanging around Heartland and getting into things on the farm. Amy is doing her best to put the whole law suit thing behind her but its just not working, when Ty comes to talk to amy about it she kisses him and ty kisses back. (Though not back together fully) While Amy is out for a trail ride she runs into the bear and Spartan rears causing Amy to fall and hits her head hard and blacks out. Ty starts to worry and goes out to look for her, while she is out she has a strange dream with her mom as a little girl, he soon finds her and takes her back. Also Lou is feeling that it is the worst possible time to have a baby. Stuart has a revelation when his daughter tells him that it his fault that she doesn't want to ride anymore and that she hates him, in the end he decides not to go through with the law suit. Amy still works with Stuart's daughter and her horse and the training goes really well. Soraya and Chase argue and have disagreements.


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