Thicker Than Water
Season 1, Episode 11
Written by Leila Basen

David Preston

Directed by Ron Murphy
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Born to Run
Rising from Ashes
Thicker Than Water is the eleventh episode in season one of Heartland. It aired February 10, 2008.


Tim's visit to Heartland causes sibling rivalry between Lou and Amy. Jack takes Lisa Stillman fishing on their second date.


When Amy invites Tim up to the ranch, Lou tries to impress their estranged father, not wanting to admit to him her fear of horses which stems from having witnessed his long-ago accident at the Calgary Stampede. Jack escapes from the family reunion by going on a second date with Lisa. Ty practices his cattle skills. Lou blows up at Tim.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Suzanne Coy as Maggie Duval
  • Jennie Evamy-Hill as 15 year-old Lou Fleming


  • Dreamer - Jenn Grant (theme)
  • The Long Way Home - Catherine MacLellan

International TitlesEdit

  • French: Les liens du sang (Blood links)


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