Thicker Than Water
Author Lauren Brooke
Publication date June 1, 2002
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 0439317150
Publication Order
Preceded by
Out of the Darkness
Followed by
Every New Day

Eleven years after her father deserted her, Amy must face the fact that he is coming to Heartland. Thicker than Water, the eighth Heartland title, is a story of family and discovery and acceptance.

Amy's father is scheduled to visit Heartland. Amy hasn't seen him since he abruptly left the family following his debilitating accident. Eleven years and countless tragedies later, Amy doesn't know how she feels about him. She wonders if he could even be her father after having been absent for so many years. But his arrival affects Amy in a way she had not anticipated. She sees so much of who she is in him. And when she watches him work with horses, she realizes that what they share goes beyond blood.

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